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VG.Web.Controls  v.1.0

Collection of web controls. Its an ActiveX based web control support and current version supports Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime Player, VLC player and Flash player.

Database Editor and Database Controls  v.1.0

This project wlll allow any developer to easily add/edit/delete records from any database. Also, Database control will allow any user to easily add Database Aware controls to any JSP or Servlet page. See Home Page Link for more info.

Shrinkwrap Visual Basic - VFW Controls  v.1.0

Video For Windows (VFW) Active-X controls and sample applications for developers using MS Visual Basic (Classic vb5 and vb6). The popular closed-source freeware ezVidCap.ocx and ezAvi.ocx are going Open Source!

Getting the controls right at 1st place  v.1.0

This is a basic project aiming to get the game controls in place. We are a small group trying to start developing games. We are going to target some console based games first and then move on to some 3d games.

NSS Space Elevator Controls  v.1.0

Developmental code for digital on-board and ground station controls to build a Space Elevator robotic climber.

GLScene 3D Controls (GL3DC)  v.1.0

GLScene based controls (GL3DC) for applications. Controls: Label, Edit, Memo, Button, Checkbox, RadioGroup, Group... etc.

TuX Simulation .NET Controls Suite  v.1.0

A hopefully 'growing' library of .net c# controls mainly related to simulation or robotic-controls. Controls list: Artificial-Horizon; Radard-scope.

Controls Ex  v.1.0

library of some exotic but useful user controls, with designer support. needed for some other projects.

Date controls for Eclipse SWT  v.1.0

ecl-datepicker is open source Java code for a set of user controls and utilities for calendarized date functions in SWT-based applications. It supports internationalized text and international date ordering/format, and is time zone aware.

Missing iPhones Controls  v.1.0

The purpose of this project is to provide additional controls for the iPhone which are not available in the OS, for example a button control which automatically opens an UIPicker when clicked.

Ultima Online Controls  v.1.0

Controls to build applications to view and modify Ultima Online data files.

JSP Controls  v.0.6.2

Controls the lifecycle of portlet-like JSP components, does not require to install a portal engine. Components are either reloaded using traditional synchronous HTTP request/response cycle (Non-Ajax mode), or updated in-place (Ajax mode).

Foobar Controls  v.0.3.5

Foobar Controls is a Firefox extension that allows you to control the Foobar2000 Mp3 player from the Firefox window.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Datamining Viewer Controls

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Datamining Viewer

Simple Controls Image Gallery

A gallery script that displays images as an automatic slideshow that can also be explicitly played or paused by the user. A "control panel" glides into view when the user hovers over the gallery, allowing her to play, pause, or cycle through the

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